Buying a Home

Houses are usually the biggest purchase we will all make in our lives so it is important that you feel prepared and that you are comfortable with your decision. And we all know that there are so many decisions that you have to make. Don't feel overwhelmed though. We hope that the information that we provide to you will help to make your decision a bit easier. 

Here are some of the questions you are going to want to answer before choosing a home in Ottawa: 

What Ottawa neighbourhood do you want to live in?

  • Do you know in what area you want to live in?
  • Do you know the different neighbourhoods in Ottawa that you can choose from?
  • What amenities, schools etc do you want close by? 

Do you want a brand new home or a previously owned home?

The decision is yours to make. You will hear a lot of personal opinions from everyone around you about which is best. Check out our list of pros & cons of buying a new or previously owned home in Ottawa.

Do you know how much you can afford?

This should probably be one of your first priorities. Knowing how much you can afford in advance can help with your other decisions. For example, you may or may not be able to afford a certain style of house in the neighbourhood of your choice. You may be disappointed when you find out how much you are approved for through your financial institution or you may be pleasantly surprised. Do be careful, remember that you don't want to be "mortgage poor".

Do you know what kind of house you want? 

  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Condo? Townhouse? Detached?

It is a very good to have an idea of what you want in advance. Make a list of the things that you can live with and those that you can live without. Prioritize! You may say that having a garage is something that you must have but having an ensuite bathroom isn't a priority, it is just an added bonus if the house has one. 

Do you know what kind of mortgage is best for you? 

Looking for Ottawa Mortgages is a very important step in purchasing a home. You want to get the best mortgage rate possible and you want to make sure that it is affordable for you. Make sure to do your homework and check out the different mortgages that are available.

And again – CONGRATULATIONS on buying a home in Ottawa! Try to have fun with the process and pat yourselves on the back for buying a home! What an amazing accomplishment!

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