Moving to Ottawa and Relocating from another city or country; the excitement of the move can be awesome but the stress of organizing everything can be just as overwhelming. 

Here is some information that we hope you will find useful and will be able to ease some of your stress: 

Immigrating to Canada: 

If you are moving to Ottawa from a new country then you are probably dealing right now with Immigration and you may be presently working on becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and a lot of waiting. Your future is in someone else's hands throughout the entire process. It may seem like it will never end but it will eventually. We wish you the best of luck and we hope it goes smoothly for you! 

Jobs in Ottawa: 

If you are new to the area then you may be looking for a job in Ottawa. There are many different ways to find jobs. You can go through agencies, search websites, or check out local newspapers. 

Moving Companies: 

Don't you just love packing? We don't know of anyone that can honestly say that they enjoy packing all that they own into little boxes! It can be quite a tedious task. But alas, it has to be done (okay it doesn't have to be but it would make for a VERY long day to move all of your pieces one by one)! You may want to call one of the many moving companies in Ottawa to assist you. 

Storage Companies:

If you will be moving here before your house is ready to move into then you may need to use storage for some (or all) of your household items. There are many storage companies to choose from. It is important to verify what type of storage you will require and for which length of time.

Moving Checklist:

One way to stayed organized is by keeping a Moving Checklist. Whenever you think of something that needs to be done just write it down, then checked it off the list when it is done. Pretty simple! There is just so much to do before you move, during the move and after you have settled in. Feel free to use the list provide with our FREE Relocation Kit, and add to it if you need to. 

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